10 February 2022

Class of 2026 Early Decision and Early Action Results

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Update #17 (2/10)

college-studentsHere's our latest list of reported early decision and early action admission rates for the Class of 2026.

This list includes results from Barnard, Boston College, Boston University, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Northeastern, Notre Dame, Oxford at Emory, Tulane, University of Georgia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Williams  and Yale.  

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Class of 2026 Early Admission Results

College Kickstart LLC

Institution (Plan)AppliedAdmittedRateLink
Barnard (ED)1,50143529%Link
Boston College (ED)4,4431,25028%Admissions
Boston University (ED)6,3111,64026%Admissions
Brown (ED)6,14689615%Link
Colgate (ED1)700Link
Columbia (ED)6,305Link
Cornell (ED)9,500Admissions
Dartmouth (ED)2,63353020%Link
Duke (ED)4,01585521%Link
Emory (ED1)2,12767232%Link
Emory (Oxford) (ED1)1,26232926%Link
Georgetown (REA)8,83288110%Link
Georgia Tech (EA1)6,1002,39939%Link
Georgia Tech (EA2)25,0002,90012%Link
Harvard (SCEA)9,4067408%Link
James Madison (EA1)18,533Link
Johns Hopkins (ED1)2,50052021%Admissions
Lehigh (ED1)570Link
MIT (EA)14,7816975%Link
NYU (ED)19,000Link
Northeastern (ED1)2,70088033%Admissions
Northeastern (EA)50,0003,0006%Admissions
Purdue (EA)46,000Admissions
Rice (ED)440Link
Santa Clara (ED1/EA)8,500Link
Tulane (EA)10%Admissions
Georgia (EA)25,1398,91735%Link
Notre Dame (REA)9,6831,67517%Link
UPenn (ED)7,7951,21816%Link
Virginia (ED)3,4661,09732%Link
Vanderbilt (ED1)2,70065024%Link
Williams (ED)81425531%Link
Yale (SCEA)7,28880011%Link
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