06 February 2024

Class of 2028 Early Decision and Early Action Notification Dates

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Update #71 (2/6)

student questionsHere's our updated list of early decision and early action notification dates for the Class of 2028.  As many of you know, schools often post results in advance of their "official" notification dates, so we've compiled the most recently updated dates for you here where available, as well as last year's notification dates for reference.   Bookmark this page, as we'll be updating it frequently over the next 30 days.

Good luck, seniors!



Class of 2028 Early Notification Dates

College Kickstart LLC

InstitutionNotification Date
(Current Year)
CommentsNotification Date
(Last Year)
American University12/14 (ED1), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/16
Amherst College12/8 6:21pm ETOfficial (updated)12/9 6:21pm ET
Babson College12/13 at 4pm ET (ED1), 12/15 (EA), mid-Feb (ED2)Updated12/14 (ED1), 12/16 (EA)
Barnard College12/13 6:30pm ETOfficial (updated)12/14 6:30pm ET
Bates College12/16 (ED1), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/10 (ED1), 2/11 12pm ET (ED2)
Beloit Collegeby 12/1 (EA1), by 1/1 (EA2)Official11/30 (ED1), 11/30 (EA)
Boston College12/5 evening ET (ED1), 2/6 (ED2)Official (updated)12/6 evening ET (ED1), 2/2 evening ET (ED2)
Boston University12/14 (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/13
Bowdoin College12/15 7pm ET (ED1), early Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/9 7pm ET (ED1)
Brandeis University12/7 (ED1), 2/1 (ED2)Official (updated)12/8
Brown University12/15 3pm ETOfficial (updated)12/20 7pm ET
Bryn Mawr College12/15 4p ET (ED1), 2/2 (ED2)Official (updated)12/16 (ED1), 2/4 (ED2)
Bucknell University12/11 9pm ET (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/14
California Institute of Technology12/9 at 8:35am PT [ we think :) ]Official (updated)12/10 8:06am PT
Carleton College12/13 8pm CT (ED1), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/12 8pm CT
Carnegie Mellon Universityby 12/15 (ED1), by 2/1 (ED2)Official12/10 9am ET
Case Western Reserve University12/2 (ED1), 12/19 8pm ET (EA), by 2/10 (ED2)Official (updated)12/5 (ED1), 12/21 (EA1)
Chapman University12/15 (ED), 12/19 (EA)Official (updated)12/16 (ED1), 12/16 (EA)
Claremont McKenna College12/15 5pm PT, by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/15
Clark University12/15 (ED1), mid-Jan (EA), early Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/16(ED1), 1/12 (EA1)
Clemson University12/14 6pm ETOfficial (updated)12/1
Colby College12/8 (ED1), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/15
Colgate University12/13 7:13pm ET(ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/13 7:13pm ET
College of the Holy Cross12/15 (ED1), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/15
College of William and Mary12/5 (ED1), early Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/9 evening ET (ED1), 1/27 (ED2)
Colorado College12/12 4pm MT (ED1), 12/19 4pm MT (EA), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/12 4pm MT (ED1), 12/19 4pm MT (EA)
Columbia University12/14 after 7pm ETOfficial (updated)12/15 after 7pm ET
Connecticut College12/8 (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/9 7pm ET (ED1), 2/10 (ED2)
Cornell University12/14 7pm ETOfficial (updated)12/15 7pm ET
Dartmouth College12/15 4pm ETOfficial (updated)12/16 after 3pm ET
Davidson College12/16 10am ET (ED1), by 1/31 (ED2)Official (updated)12/15 9pm ET
Dickinson College12/15 (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/15 (ED1), 2/9 (ED2)
Drexel University12/14Official (updated)12/15 (ED1), 12/15 (EA)
Duke University12/14 7pm ETOfficial (updated)12/17 2pm ET
Elon University12/1 (ED1), 12/20 (EA1)Official (updated)12/1 (ED1), 12/20 (EA1)
Emerson College12/20 from 1pm ET (ED1), mid-Jan (EA), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/15 after 1:30pm ET (ED1), 12/15 after 1:30pm ET (EA)
Emory University (Emory)12/13 after 6pm ET (ED1), 2/7 (ED2)Updated12/14 after 6pm ET (ED1), 2/1 (ED2)
Emory University (Oxford)12/13 after 6pm ET (ED1), 2/7 (ED2)Updated12/14 after 6pm ET (ED1), 2/1 (ED2)
Florida State University12/13Official (updated)12/15
Fordham University12/14 afternoon ET (EA, ED1), 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/15 afternoon ET (ED1), 12/15 afternoon ET (EA1)
Franklin and Marshall12/15 7pm ET (ED1), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/15
George Mason University12/15Official12/15
George Washington University12/14 4pm ET (ED1), late Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/15
Georgetown University12/15 6pm ETOfficial (updated)12/15
Georgia Institute of Technology12/8 (EA1), 1/26 (EA2)Official (updated)12/9 5pm ET (EA1), 1/27 7pm ET (EA2)
Gettysburg Collegeby 12/15 (ED1), early Feb (EA), by 2/15 (ED2)Official12/12 (ED1), 2/1 5pm ET (EA1, ED2)
Grinnell College12/8 (ED1), early Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/2
Hamilton College12/14 8pm ET (ED1), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/15 8pm ET (ED1), 2/4 (ED2)
Harvard University12/14 7pm ETOfficial (updated)12/15 after 7pm ET
Harvey Mudd College12/12 6pm PT (ED1), 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/8 6pm PT
Haverford College12/8 7pm ET (ED1), early Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/9
Howard University12/27 (EA, ED1)Official (updated)
Johns Hopkins University12/15 (ED1), 2/16 (ED2)Official (updated)12/16 3pm ET(ED1), 2/17 (ED2)
Kenyon College12/13 (ED1), early Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/16
Lafayette College12/15 afternoon (ED1), beginning 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/15 4pm ET
Lehigh University12/8 (ED1), 2/2 (ED2)Official (updated)12/9 (ED1), 2/3 (ED2)
Loyola Marymount University12/15 (EA, ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)11/23 (ED1), 12/16 (EA), 2/1 (ED2)
Macalester College12/3 (ED1), 12/20 (EA), 1/28 (ED2)Official12/4 (ED1), 12/21 (EA1), 1/30 (ED2)
Middlebury College12/9 (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/10 8am ET
Miami University - Oxford12/1 (ED1), 12/14 6pm ET (EA1), 2/1 (EA2)Official (updated)12/1 (ED1), 12/15 (EA1)
MIT12/16 12:16pm ETOfficial (updated)12/17 12:17pm ET
Morehouse College12/11Official (updated)
Mount Holyoke Collegelate Dec (ED1), late Jan (ED2)Official12/15
New York University12/14 4pm ET (ED1), 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/15 4pm ET
North Carolina State1/30Official1/27
Northeastern University12/13 (ED1), 1/31 (EA), by 3/1 (ED2)Official (updated)12/8 (ED1), 1/30 (EA), 2/15 eve ET (ED2)
Northwestern University12/15Official (updated)12/16
Oberlin College12/15 (ED1), 2/1 (ED2)Official12/15
Occidental College12/15 (ED1), 2/20 (ED2)Official12/12 5pm PT
Pepperdine University12/19Updated1/10
Pitzer College12/13 (ED1), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)by 12/18
Pomona College12/15 (ED1), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/15 after 5pm PT
Princeton University12/14 7pm ETOfficial (updated)12/15 7pm ET
Providence Collegeby 12/1 (ED1), by 12/22 (EA), late Feb (ED2)Updated12/1 (ED1), 12/16 evening ET (EA1)
Purdue Universityon 1/15Official1/13
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute12/9 (ED1), 1/13 (ED2), 1/27 (EA)Official12/10 (ED1), 1/28 (EA1)
Rice University12/14 after 5pm CTOfficial (updated)12/14 after 5pm CT
Santa Clara University12/15 (EA, ED1), early Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/16 (ED1), 12/16 (EA)
Sarah Lawrence College12/20 (EA, ED1), early Feb (ED2)Updated12/15 (ED1), 12/31 (EA1)
Scripps College12/13 (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/14
Sewanee: The University of the Southearly Dec (ED1), late Jan (EA, ED2)Officialearly December (ED1), late January (EA)
Skidmore College12/7 (ED1), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/8 (ED1)
Smith College12/15 (ED1), 1/26 (ED2)Official (updated)mid-December
Southern Methodist University12/9 (ED1), 12/18 7pm ET (EA), mid-Mar (ED2)Official (updated)12/15 (ED1), 12/15 (EA1)
Spelman College12/31 (EA, ED1)Official12/31 (ED1), 12/31 (EA1)
Stanford University12/15 4pm PTOfficial (updated)12/16 4pm PT
Swarthmore College12/12 7pm ET (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/13 7pm ET (ED1), 2/10 7pm ET (ED2)
Syracuse Universitybegins 12/16 (ED1), mid-Jan (ED2)Officialprior to 1/1
Texas Christian University12/1 (ED1), 12/14 (EA), by 2/1 (ED2)Official (updated)12/2 (ED1), 12/15 (EA)
Trinity College12/14 evening ET (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/15 evening ET
Tufts University12/14 7pm ET (ED1), 2/2 (ED2)Official (updated)12/13 7pm ET (ED1), 2/2 7pm ET (ED2)
Tulane University12/5 4PM CT (ED1), 12/20 4pm CT (EA), 2/5 (ED2)Official (updated)12/1 4pm CT (ED1), 12/20 3pm CT (EA)
Union College 12/5 (ED1), 12/19 (EA), Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/6 (ED1), 12/17 (EA)
University of Chicago12/18 late afternoon CT (EA, ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/21 late afternoon CT (ED1), 12/21 late afternoon CT (EA), 2/10 late afternoon CT (ED2)
University of Denver12/12 (ED1), 12/12 (EA), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/13 eve MT (ED1), 1/15 (EA1)
University of Georgia11/17 4pm ET (in-state), 12/15 4pm ET (out-of-state)Official (updated)11/18 4pm ET
University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign1/26Official1/27
University of Maryland - College Parkby 2/1Official1/27
University of Massachusetts - Amherst1/24 evening ETOfficial (updated)1/30
University of Miami12/8 (ED1), late Jan (EA), late Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/9 (ED1), late January (EA)
University of Michigan - Ann Arborlate JanOfficial1/27
University of New Hampshirestarting 12/20Updated1/29
University of Notre Dame12/15 6:42 ETOfficial (updated)12/16 6:42pm ET
University of Pennsylvania12/14 7pm ETOfficial (updated)12/15 7pm ET
University of Richmond12/15 7pm (ED1), ~1/25 (EA), ~2/15 (ED2)Updated12/9 7pm ET (ED1), 1/25 (EA1)
University of Southern Californiamid-to-late JanOfficial1/23
University of Vermont12/1 (ED1), 12/19 7pm ET (EA)Official (updated)12/20 5pm ET (ED1), 12/31 (EA1)
University of Virginia12/15 5pm ET (ED1), by 2/15 (EA)Official (updated)12/13 5pm ET (ED), 2/10 after 5pm ET (EA)
University of Wisconsin - Madisonby 1/31Official1/28
Vanderbilt University12/14 after 5pm CT (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/14 after 5:30pm CT (ED1), 2/15 after 5:00pm CT (ED2)
Vassar College12/8 4pm ET (ED1), early Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/9
Villanova University12/15 (ED1), by 1/20 (EA), by 2/15 (ED2)Official (updated)12/14 after 5pm ET (ED1), by 1/20 (EA)
Villanova University12/15 eve ET (ED1), 1/20 (EA1)Official (updated)12/15 (ED1), 1/20 (EA1)
Virginia Polytechnic InstituteTBD (EA)Official12/9 5pm ET (ED)
Washington and Lee University12/13 8pm ET (ED1), 2/1 (ED2)Official (updated)12/16 8pm ET (ED1)
Washington University in St. Louis12/15 evening (ED1), by 2/16 (ED2)Official (updated)12/13 (ED1), 2/10 late afternoon CT (ED2)
Wellesley College12/9 (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/10 10am ET
Wesleyan University12/10 (ED1), mid-Feb (ED2)Official (updated)12/10 afternoon ET
Williams College12/8Official (updated)12/9 evening ET
Worcester Polytechnic Institute12/13 6pm ET (ED1), 1/10 (EA1), mid-Feb (ED2), late Feb (EA2)Official (updated)12/13 5pm ET (ED1), 1/13 (EA1)
Yale University12/13 evening ETOfficial (updated)12/15 5pm ET
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