31 October 2013

Colleges Extend Deadlines for Early Admission

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Applicants buy more time navigate Common Application problems

calendarSeveral colleges and universities have extended their deadlines for early action and early decision due to continuing challenges with the new Common App website.  Most have shifted their deadlines out a week, some just a few days, and others have opted to leave their deadlines unchanged but offer new online submission options instead. 

Continue reading to see our growing list of schools with extended deadlines.  Let us know if you have others to add to the list.

 The List

InstitutionOld DeadlineNew DeadlineEarly ActionRestricted Early ActionEarly Decision IComments
Babson College 11/1 11/8 x   x Link
Barnard College  11/1  11/8      x Link
Boston University 11/1 11/15     x Link
Brandeis University 11/1 11/8     x Link
Brown University 11/1 By Request     x Send request (Link)
Chapman University 11/1 11/5 x     Link
College of William & Mary  11/1  11/8      x Link
Columbia University 11/1 11/8     x Link
Cornell University 11/1 11/8     x Link
Dartmouth College 11/1 11/8     x Link
Duke University 11/1 11/8     x Link
Emory University 11/1 11/4     x Link
George Washington University 11/1 11/11     x Link
Georgia Insitute of Technology  10/21  11/1  x     Link
Harvard University  11/1  11/1    x   Accepts Universal College Application
Johns Hopkins University  11/1  11/8     Link, also accepts Universal College Application
Lewis & Clark College 11/1 11/8 x     Link
Middlebury College 11/1 11/1     x Contact if problems Link
NYU 11/1 11/8     x Link
Northwestern University  11/1  11/8      x Link
Pomona College  11/1  11/8      x Link
Princeton University  11/1  11/1    x   Accepts Universal College Application
Rice University   11/1  11/8      x Link
Stanford University   11/1  11/4    x   Link
Syracuse University  11/15  12/1      x Link
Tufts University   11/1  11/8      x Link, also accepts Universal College Application
University of Chicago  11/1  11/8  x     Link
University of Pennsylvania  11/1  11/11      x Send request (Link)
Vanderbilt University  11/1  By request      x Send request (Link)
Washington University in St. Louis 11/15  11/15      x Accepts Universal College Application
Wellesley College  11/1  11/6      x Link
Williams College  11/10  By request      x Send request (Link)
Yale University  11/1  11/4    x   Link