26 August 2021

Colleges with Test-Blind/Test-Free Admission Policies for the 2021-22 Admission Cycle

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testbrokenpencilWhile the vast majority of institutions in our coverage universe offer some form of test-optional admissions, some have completely eliminated standardized testing from consideration—even if you submit scores.

Click on Continue Reading to see our list of schools offering test-blind/test-free admissions for the 2021-22 cycle. For your convenience, we've included admit rates, test score ranges and links to each school's standardized test policy details to help you find suitable candidates for your college list.

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Colleges with Test-Blind/Test-Free Admission Policies

Class of 2026 Edition

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InstitutionAdmit RateSAT Mid 50%ACT Mid 50%Test PolicyDetails
Boise State University83%1030-121021-26Blind
California Baptist University80%970-115017-25Blind *22-23*
California Institute of Technology4%1510-157035-36Blind *22-23*
California Maritime Academy82%1050-128020-28Blind *22-23*
California State Polytechnic University - Humboldt91%1020-126022-29Blind *22-23*
California State Polytechnic University - Pomona61%1010-124019-27Blind *22-23*
California State Polytechnic University - San Luis Obispo33%1240-142028-33Blind *22-23*
California State University - Bakersfield85%900-108016-22Blind *22-23*
California State University - Channel Islands93%880-110018-23Blind *22-23*
California State University - Chico85%990-118018-24Blind *22-23*
California State University - Dominguez Hills90%850-103015-19Blind *22-23*
California State University - East Bay82%900-110015-20Blind *22-23*
California State University - Fullerton59%1010-118018-23Blind *22-23*
California State University - Long Beach34%1020-123020-26Blind *22-23*
California State University - Los Angeles91%890-106015-20Blind *22-23*
California State University - Monterey Bay93%1020-121021-29Blind *22-23*
California State University - Northridge88%900-111016-22Blind *22-23*
California State University - San Bernardino91%850-103014-20Blind *22-23*
California State University - San Marcos93%900-113016-23Blind *22-23*
California State University - Stanislaus95%900-107015-21Blind *22-23*
Catholic University of America82%1130-132523-30Blind *22-23*
City University of New York - Baruch College41%1170-133024-28Blind
City University of New York - Brooklyn College50%1020-118022-29Blind
City University of New York - City College64%1050-126023-31Blind
City University of New York - Hunter College40%1170-134025-31Blind
City University of New York - John Jay College of Criminal Justice45%1000-115019-23Blind
City University of New York - Lehman College47%960-108018-21Blind
City University of New York - Queens College53%1040-119022-27Blind
City University of New York - York College53%870-105015-20Blind
Columbia College Chicago90%960-120020-28Blind *22-23*
Dickinson College48%1380-145030-33Blind *22-23*
Fresno State University97%950-113016-22Blind *22-23*
Hampshire College63%1200-143025-30Blind *22-23*
Loyola University New Orleans72%1050-123021-26Blind *22-23*
Pitzer College18%1410-150031-33Blind *22-23*
Plymouth State University89%960-113018-23Blind *22-23*
Reed College44%1330-150030-34Blind
Sacramento State University94%900-101016-22Blind *22-23*
San Diego State University38%1130-132022-29Blind *22-23*
San Francisco State University93%940-113016-23Blind *22-23*
San Jose State University84%1030-131020-31Blind *22-23*
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania94%950-114015-23Blind
Sonoma State University94%980-117018-23Blind *22-23*
Stevenson University89%1010-119018-24Blind
Stonehill College68%1130-128024-29Blind
University of California - Berkeley15%1300-152028-34Blind *22-23*
University of California - Davis49%1160-137025-31Blind *22-23*
University of California - Irvine29%1240-141025-32Blind *22-23*
University of California - Los Angeles11%1290-151029-34Blind *22-23*
University of California - Merced87%1140-139023-32Blind *22-23*
University of California - Riverside66%1080-128022-29Blind *22-23*
University of California - San Diego34%1280-146026-33Blind *22-23*
University of California - Santa Barbara29%1250-145026-33Blind *22-23*
University of California - Santa Cruz59%1160-135023-30Blind *22-23*
University of New England87%1040-123021-27Blind (optional for certain programs) *22-23*
University of San Diego53%1170-134025-31Blind *22-23*
Washington State University80%1020-121020-26Blind *22-23*
Worcester Polytechnic Institute60%1320-145029-33Blind *22-23*