29 April 2015

Cramming for the AP Psychology exam

Posted in AP Exams

aplogoHere's a list of our favorite tips and study guides to prepare you for the AP Psychology exam:

  • Charles Schallhorn (YouTube). Here's a set of YouTube videos designed to give you a crash course in AP Psychology.  It's a bit dry but complete! 
  • CrashCourse. Here's an engaging introduction to psychology from Hank Green.  It consists of a set of 40 short YouTube videos and they're highly viewed and rated. Note that this doesn't necessarily focus on mastering the AP Psych exam so pick and choose topics as needed to supplement your cramming.  
  • psychologyprogram (YouTube).  This is a 90 minute crash course in all things AP Psych.  It's missing the supporting outline/study guide but there are lots of positive reviews about the content.
  • educator.com.  Here's a video review of the exam and tips for mastering it.
  • Teacher test tips.  This guide posted by the Amador Valley High School in California offers test taking tips for the AP Psych exam.
  • quizlet.com.  Useful flash cards for reviewing material.