01 May 2015

Cramming for the AP World History exam

Posted in AP Exams

aplogoHere's a list of our favorite tips and study guides to prepare you for the APUSH exam:

  • freeman-pedia.com. Start here for a comprehensive review of all things AP World from Ben Freeman, a history teacher based in Virginia. It's a mix of text, visuals and crash course videos from John Green.   
  • learnerator.com.  Here's a set of test tips for the AP World exam from learnerator.com.  
  • Essay tips.  This guide posted by the Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy in North Carolina contains tips your AP World essays and DBQ.  Click on the left menu options for the comparative, time and DBQ essays for details.
  • quizlet.com.  Useful flash cards for reviewing material.  Note: there are several quizlets to choose from, we've opted for the one based on the 2013 Princeton Review material.