27 October 2022

Early Decision Schools That Double Admission Odds

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earlydecisionLooking for a way to enhance admission odds? Here's a list of schools with early decision admission rates that are at least twice as high as their regular decision admission rates.  

Because Early Decision is a binding commitment, it only makes sense if you're a competitive applicant, affordability isn't an issue, and you're absolutely certain it's the school for you. But as the list shows, there can be a meaningful advantage in applying this way if you are.  For example, at Barnard College, roughly 60% of the Class of 2026 was admitted through Early Decision, and the admission rate was 29% vs. 8% for those who applied via Regular Decision.  Or at Washington University in St. Louis, over 70% of the incoming class was admitted through Early Decision and the admission rate was 27% vs. 8% for those who applied via Regular Decision.  These are differences too big to ignore.

Note: most early decision deadlines occur in early November, so the time is now to consider if it makes sense for you. Click here for more information about early admission, and here to find out how College Kickstart can help you take full advantage. 


Early Decision Schools That Double Admission Odds

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SchoolED/RD AdvantageAdmit % (ED)Admit % (RD)ED/Enrolled %
Colorado College8.6726 358
Grinnell College7.2558 861
Northeastern University6.0030 550
Barnard College4.8329 661
Northwestern University4.8024 553
Williams College4.4331 746
Duke University4.2021 549
Middlebury College4.0945 1163
Dartmouth College4.0020 546
Swarthmore College4.0024 652
Tulane University3.8831 860
Bowdoin College3.8627 751
Cornell University3.8019 552
Hampden-Sydney College3.8057 1517
Brown University3.7515 452
University of Pennsylvania3.7515 449
Vanderbilt University3.6018 556
Hamilton College3.4241 1250
Pomona College3.4017 567
Washington University in St. Louis3.3827 876
Wesleyan University3.3340 1260
Davidson College3.3143 1363
Willamette University3.3076 234
Claremont McKenna College3.2229 956
Pitzer College3.1347 1546
Amherst College3.0024 841
Johns Hopkins University3.0015 563
Washington and Lee University3.0048 1657
Haverford College2.8743 1548
Fairfield University2.8187 3116
Wellesley College2.6437 1448
University of Richmond2.6255 2145
Babson College2.5338 1542
University of Virginia2.4632 1330
Smith College2.4549 2056
College of the Holy Cross2.4182 3433
Harvey Mudd College2.3321 946
Howard University2.3349 218
Worcester Polytechnic Institute2.3377 3313
Colgate University2.2725 1158
Vassar College2.1140 1944
Wabash College2.0494 4615
Boston University2.0026 1353
Rice University2.0018 939
Trinity University2.0066 3322
Villanova University2.0060 3043