30 September 2019

New College Kickstart Release Now Available!

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College Kickstart Logo 200x63All admissions data updates are now complete for the 2019 -20 application cycle. As always, we've enriched the data in several ways to make College Kickstart even more effective for you as you finalize your college plans.  This includes the incorporation of key 2019-20 admission plan changes and application requirements.  Better yet, we've also incorporated the latest reported Class of 2023 admission rates for several institutions we track, many of which have material year-over-year changes you probably don't want to be surprised by.

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What's new in College Kickstart

Over the past two months we've been incorporating several updates to our admissions database to help you be more effective and organized as you finalize you college plans.  Highlights:

  • 2019-20 key application requirements. 2019-20 application requirements are now available for all schools in our coverage universe.  This includes standardized testing policies, recommendation and interview requirements and even a count and sizing of short answer/essay prompts for each application.  As always, links are provided directly to school websites for definitive answers.  For more information about how we track key application requirements, check out our recent blog post here.
  • 2019-20 early admission plan changes.  Several schools in our coverage universe have introduced early admission plan changes for this application cycle, including Boston College (EA is now ED1/2), University of Virginia (new ED option), Union College (new EA option), Gonzaga and Dickinson (EA removed) and Bentley and Holy Cross (ED2 option added).  For a summary of changes, check out our blog post here.
  • Class of 2023 admission rates.  Class of 2023 admission rates have been incorporated for several popular public and private institutions we cover, including schools with notable admission rate changes that can impact how a school is categorized. For a list of schools with notable admission rate changes, please check out our blog post here.

To see how the latest admissions data affects your plan, simply log into College Kickstart and rerun your plan.  

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