15 June 2015

New release of College Kickstart 2015 now available!

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CK2015 200x174We're pleased to announce the latest release of College Kickstart 2015!  You'll notice faster performance, updated admissions data (including 2019 admission rates for several top schools), expanded school coverage, and for College Kickstart Plus users, over 200 department-specific admission rates across 34 public and private institutions.

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What's New


  • Faster performance.  You should be noticing zippier performance, thanks to some tweaks we've made to the application.
  • Updated admissions data.  With few exceptions, Class of 2018 admissions data is now in place for the schools we cover. Better yet, we've even begun including Class of 2019 admission rates to make sure you're working with the latest and greatest information available.  Class of 2019 admission rates are now available for: Amherst, Bates, Boston University, BYU, Brown, Dartmouth, George Washington University, Georgetown, Harvard, Harvey Mudd, Johns Hopkins, MIT, NYU, Northwestern, Pitzer, Princeton, Stanford, University of Chicago, Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, USC, Wake Forest, Williams and Yale.
  • Expanded school coverage.  We've been able to respond to just about every request we've gotten from you regarding school coverage.  Standard Edition subscribers now have 270+ top colleges and universities to choose from when creating their college lists.  Recent additions to the list include: Menlo College, University of Maine, Notre Dame de Namur, Cal Lutheran, Woodbury University, Whittier College, University of Utah, Webb Institute and Rose-Hulman. Here's a list of the schools we currently cover.  
  • Department-specific admission rates.  For College Kickstart Plus Edition subscribers, our list of institutions with department-specific admissions data has grown to 34 schools and over 200 departments.  Whether you're considering engineering, business, arts and letters or a host of other majors, we'll give you reported admission rates for these departments instead of an overall rate to help you better gauge your competitiveness.  Here's what's now available:
InstitutionDepartmentsOptions Available
American University 5 Arts and Sciences, Business, International Service, Communication, Public Affairs
Bucknell University 6 Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Physical and Natural Sciences, Management, Social Sciences, Undecided
Cal Poly Pomona 8 Agriculture, Business Administration, Education and Integrative Studies, Engineering, Environmental Design, Hospitality Management, Letters, Arts and Social Sciences, Science
Cal Poly SLO 6 Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, Architecture and Environmental Design, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Business, Science and Mathematics
Cal State Dominguez Hills 6 Arts and Humanities, Natural and Behavioral Sciences, Business Administration and Public Policy, Health and Human Development, Education, Undeclared/Other
Cal State Fullerton 8 Arts, Business and Economics, Communications, Education, Engineering and Computer Science, Health and Human Development, Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Undeclared/Other
Cal State Long Beach 8 Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Health and Human Services, Liberal Arts, Natural Science and Mathematics, The Arts, Undeclared
Cal State LA 7 Arts and Letters, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Health and Human Services, Natural and Social Sciences, Undeclared
Cal State Northridge 9 Arts, Media and Communications, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering and Computer Science, Health and Human Development, Humanities, Science and Mathematics, Social and Behavioral Science, Undecided
Carnegie Mellon University 7 Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Science, Computer Science, Business
Clemson University 6 Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Business and Behavioral Science, Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences, Engineering and Science, Health Education and Human Development, Education
Columbia University 2 Columbia College, Engineering and Applied Science
Cornell University 7 Architecture, Art and Planning, Arts and Sciences, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Engineering, Hotel Administration, Human Ecology, Industrial and Labor Relations
Creighton University 3 Arts and Sciences, Business, Nursing
Duke University 2 Arts and Sciences, Engineering
Fresno State 9 Arts and Humanities, Health and Human Services, Science and Mathematics, Social Sciences, Business, Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Education and Human Development, Engineering, Undeclared/Other
Georgetown University 4 Georgetown College, Nursing and Health, Foreign Service, Business
Georgia Tech 6 Architecture, Computing, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Business, Sciences
NC State 10 Agriculture and Life Sciences, Design, Education, Engineering, Natural Resources, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences, Textiles, Management, Other
Purdue University 11 Agriculture, Education, Engineering, Health and Human Science, Liberal Arts, Management, Pharmacy, Science, Technology, USP, Veterinary Medicine
Sacramento State 7 Arts and Letters, Business, Education, Engineering and Computer Science, Health and Human Services, Natural Sciences and Math, Social Science and Interdisciplinary Studies
San Diego State University 8 Arts and Letters, Business, Education, Engineering, Health and Human Services, Professional Studies and Fine Arts, Sciences, Undeclared/Other
San Jose State University 8 Applied Sciences and Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Humanities and Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Undergraduate Studies
Texas A&M 11 Agriculture, Architecture, Business, Education, Engineering, Geosciences, General Studies, Liberal Arts, Science, Veterinary Medicine, Unknown
Tufts University 2 Engineering, Arts and Sciences
University of California - Irvine 15 Arts, Biological Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Information and Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Studies, Nursing Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Public Health, Social Ecology, Social Sciences, Undergrad Education
UCLA 10 Letters & Science (Basic Biomedical Science), Letters & Science (Humanities), Letters & Science (International Institute), Letters & Science (Life Sciences), Letters & Science (Physical Sciences), Letters & Science (Social Sciences), Letters & Science (Undeclared), Engineering and Applied Science, Nursing, Theatre, Film and Television
University of California - Merced 4 Engineering, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, Undeclared
University of California - Santa Cruz 6 Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical and Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, Undeclared
University of Maine 5 Business, Education and Human Development, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture
UMass Amherst 8 Humanities and Fine Arts, Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Engineering, Management, Nursing, Public Health and Health Science, Undeclared
University of Minnesota 7 Management, Education and Human Development, Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, Biological Sciences, Design, Liberal Arts, Science and Engineering
University of Virginia 5 Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Education, Engineering, Nursing
Vanderbilt University 4 Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Education and Human Development, Music
Virginia Tech 8 Agriculture and Life Sciences, Architecture and Urban Studies, Business, Engineering, Interdisciplinary, Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, National Resources and Environment, Science
Total 238  

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