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06 April 2017

Check This Box if You're a Good Person

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nytHere's a refreshing New York Times post from Rebecca Sabky, a former admissions director at Dartmouth, about looking beyond academic credentials and extracurriculars for a fundamental human quality in applicants: kindness!

20 December 2016

Five Strategies That Take Advantage of Colleges' Enrollment Statistics

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forbesThere are many ways to get a great education, and not all of them require that you attend a brand-name institution.  Here's a post from Will Dix at Forbes that suggests five strategies for uncovering opportunities at well-regarded but lesser known institutions that can provide you an excellent education at an affordable price.

08 November 2016

Essays that Worked (Tufts Edition)

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tuftsStill looking for ideas on how to write a compelling admissions essay? Then check out this set of essays that worked, courtesy of Tufts admissions.

This blog post includes successful responses for all of the essay prompts included by Tufts, as well as some video commentary on why each one proved compelling to the admissions team.

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18 November 2015

Ivy League Admissions Process

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business-insider-logoFor those of you curious about how admission decisions are made, here's an interesting article from Business Insider on the Ivy League admissions process. Excerpted from a talk given by Nelson Urena, a former admissions officer at Cornell University, it outlines the typical steps that are taken from the time the application is submitted to the time the decision is rendered.  

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05 November 2015

The Test Optional Surge

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nytThe shift to test-optional admission continues to build.  This article from the New York Times highlights several reasons for the shift and reviews the results from several studies, often conflicting, on its impact.  Some suggestions for when to consider applying test optional are also made.

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27 October 2015

More Essays that Worked (Tufts Edition)

tuftsStill looking for ideas on how to write a compelling admissions essay? Then check out our latest set of essays that worked, courtesy of Tufts admissions.

This blog post includes five essays, as well as video commentary on why each one proved compelling to the admissions team.

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26 May 2015

Bringing Better College Planning to Inner City Teens

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Our partnership with Alliance College-Ready Schools

College Kickstart and Alliance College-Ready Schools Team Up to Bring Better College Planning to Inner City Teens

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Alliance College-Ready Public Schools to bring better college planning to inner city youth.  As a result of the agreement, nearly 2,000 rising high school seniors and counselors across 15 Alliance high schools in the Los Angeles area will put College Kickstart to work for college planning.  

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22 May 2015

A Journey Through College Admissions

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A 360 degree perspective

washpostHere's a useful series of articles from the Washington Post for those of you about to embark on the college admissions process.  It chronicles the admissions journey of a high school senior, Samantha Fogel, and includes perspectives from her high school counselor as well as parents.  

  1. Getting started
  2. Parenting the college applicant
  3. The search process
  4. Deciding where to apply first
  5. How not to bomb the college essay 
  6. Dealing with deferral
  7. Making the college decision

21 May 2015

Essays About Work and Class That Caught a College's Eye

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nytFor those of you looking for possible admission essay topics, here are seven about work and class that caught a college's eye.  

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11 May 2015

NACAC State of College Admissions Report 2014

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soca2014The National Association for College Admissions Counseling released its 2014 State of College Admissions report last Thursday.  

We had an opportunity to review the 72 page report and took away some key points about overall application and early admission trends.  

The findings strongly reinforce the need for students and families to actively evaluate early admission opportunities as an integral part of their college plan.  

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18 April 2015

Chilling Out About College Admissions

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Reviews of "Where You Go is Not Who You'll Be"

bruni"Where You Go is Not Who You'll Be" by Frank Bruni is a book that every stressed out rising senior or parent should read.

It's a quick, entertaining and grounding read about not getting too caught up in the madness of modern day college admissions.  It makes the point that brand name schools turn out to mean very little when it comes to success in life, and that there are countless examples of successful people who started from humble educational backgrounds. 

It's not where you start, it's how you finish!

Click here for the Washington Post review

Click here for the New York Times Sunday Book Review. 


02 March 2015

Are Prestigious Private Colleges Worth the Cost?

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Applicant, Employer and Expert Perspectives

wsjThis article from the Wall Street Journal explores the "value" of attending a name-brand college from three perspectives: the applicant's, the and the employer's and an admissions expert.  The article also includes a list of "best value" schools courtesy of PayScale that considers return on investment (future reported salaries) in addition to cost.  

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