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08 October 2020

College Kickstart Now Handles Test-Blind Admissions

Posted in Class of 2025, College Kickstart

Test-Blind Sample

Attention College Kickstart subscribers! We’ve enhanced our test-optional recommendation engine to help you better handle the growing list of schools going test-blind for the 2020-21 admission cycle.

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24 September 2018

Colby Goes Test-Optional

Posted in Class of 2023

colby logoColby College announced today that the submission of standardized test scores is now an optional element of a student's application for admission.      

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09 November 2017

When it Makes Sense to go Test-Optional

forbesHere's another useful post from Will Dix regarding the need for clarity from colleges when it comes to test-optional admissions and when to take advantage of it.  The post, entitled Hofstra Opts For Application Clarity Over Obscurity (Other Schools Should, Too), commends Hofstra for providing unusually clear recommendations for when it makes sense to submit test scores and when it doesn't.  

Click here to check out the article and recommendations.  We think you may find this helpful as you consider what to do for test-optional schools on your list.