08 October 2019

Boost Your Odds 50% With These Early Action Schools

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earlyactionLooking for a way to enhance admission odds without obligating yourself to attend?  Here's a list of colleges with early action admission rates that are at least 50% higher than their regular decision admission rates.  

Unlike Early Decision, Early Action is non-binding, so it nearly always works to your advantage.  And as the list shows, this advantage can be meaningful if you're a competitive applicant...all for simply applying 45-60 days earlier than normal.  

With most early action deadlines occuring in early November, the time is now to take a closer look. 


Early Action Schools That Boost Admission Odds By 50% Or More

College Kickstart LLC 


SchoolEA/RD AdvantageAdmit % (EA)Admit % (RD)
Berry College1.528556
Case Western Reserve University1.573623
Christopher Newport University1.527952
College of Wooster1.736940
Colorado College3.00155
Furman University1.597044
Harvard University4.33133
High Point University1.748750
North Carolina State2.106129
Princeton University3.50144
Sacred Heart University1.927137
Saint Johns College - MD1.627647
Salisbury University1.597849
Sewanee: The University of the South2.138339
State University of New York - Binghamton1.775531
Stonehill College1.568655
Texas Christian University2.765821
Tulane University25.00251
University of Denver2.339139
University of Mary Washington1.538958
University of Notre Dame1.622113
University of Richmond2.643714
Yale University3.25134