21 October 2021

Boost Your Odds 50% With These Early Action Schools

Posted in Your College List, Early Admission, Class of 2026

earlyactionLooking for a way to enhance admission odds without obligating yourself to attend?  Here's a list of colleges with early action admission rates that are at least 50% higher than their regular decision admission rates.  

Unlike Early Decision, Early Action is non-binding, so it nearly always works to your advantage.  And as the list shows, this advantage can be meaningful if you're a competitive applicant...all for simply applying 45-60 days earlier than normal.  

With most early action deadlines occurring in early November, the time is now to take a closer look. 


Early Action Schools That Boost Admission Odds By 50% Or More

College Kickstart LLC 


SchoolEA/RD AdvantageAdmit % (EA)Admit % (RD)
Colorado College5.00153
Harvard University4.0082
Howard University3.056421
Monmouth University1.519261
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute1.759655
Saint Johns College - MD1.698148
Saint Johns College - NM1.669859
Saint Josephs University1.548857
Spelman College1.827139
State University of New York - Binghamton1.796134
Stonehill College1.638552
University of Notre Dame1.701710
University of Tampa4.505412
University of Virginia1.542013
Yale University3.67113