16 October 2016

Colleges With Generous Merit Aid

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Schools offering merit aid to 20% or more of incoming freshmen

moneyIn search of schools with generous merit scholarship programs?

Look no further.  

Here we've compiled a list of competitive 4-year institutions that offer merit aid to 20% or more of undergraduates.  Merit awards are typically not based on financial need but rather on academic performance and other qualities deemed desirable by the institution.  As such, they can make college more affordable for academically gifted students—especially those that are unlikely to qualify for need-based financial aid. 

Most of these schools automatically consider you for merit scholarships when you submit your application.  


Colleges and Universities Offering Generous Merit Aid

College Kickstart LLC


School% Undergrads w/ Merit AidMerit Amount
Furman University46$ 23,064
Butler University44$ 20,213
Whitman College42$ 16,330
Oberlin College38$ 22,921
Tulane University33$ 18,997
Quinnipiac University32$ 21,805
Millsaps College31$ 26,359
Beloit College29$ 38,744
Berry College29$ 20,192
Kenyon College29$ 15,854
College of Charleston27$ 13,280
Goucher College26$ 24,243
Bethel University - MN25$ 17,776
Dickinson College24$ 21,542
Washington and Jefferson College23$ 30,163
Harvey Mudd College20$ 14,147