27 March 2014

Harvard Admits 5.9 Percent of Applicants to the Class of 2018 (Copy)

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Today Harvard announced that it accepted 2,023, or 5.9 percent of 34,295 students who applied for admission to the Class of 2018.  This number includes 992 students admitted through its early action program.

The admit rate for applicants considered under regular decision was 3.1%, compared to an admit rate of 21% for students who applied early action.

Click here for the news release.

27 March 2014

Northwestern acceptance rate drops to record-low 12.9 percent

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Northwestern announced today that it admitted a record-low 12.9 percent of applicants for the Class of 2018.  3,440 acceptance letters were sent Thursday to regular decision applicants, in addition to 930 acceptances to students who applied early decision.  The overall acceptance rate dropped one percentage point from last year.

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27 March 2014

University of Pennsylvania Admits 9.9 Percent to Class of 2018

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University of Pennsylvania announced today that 9.9 percent of its applicant pool of 35,868 were admitted to the Class of 2018. 

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14 March 2014

MIT Admits Class of 2018

Admissions decisions were made available to applicants for the Class of 2018 today.  1,419 were admitted from a total of 18,357 applicants for an overall admission rate of 7.7 percent.

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12 March 2014

UC Admission Decisions Commence

University of California admission decisions have started rolling out in earnest.  Here are the official dates for both freshmen and transfers:

Berkeley 3/27 4/25
Davis 3/14 4/18
Irvine 3/17-21 4/18
Los Angeles 3/21 (early evening) Late April
Merced 3/6 rolling 3/18 rolling
Riverside 1/14 rolling 3/1 rolling
San Diego 3/15 4/18
Santa Barbara 3/17 3/17 rolling
Santa Cruz 3/15 3/17 rolling

05 March 2014

College Board Takes Steps Towards Equal Access and Opportunity

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Actions Include Major Changes to SAT Format

downloadToday the College Board announced a series of actions designed to expand access and level the playing field for all aspiring college applicants.  These actions include:

  • A major redesign of the SAT format planned for Spring 2016
  • A partnership with Khan Academy to provide free test prep materials in support of the new test format
  • College application fee waivers for income-qualifying applicants

SAT changes include:

  • Three sections: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, Math, and Essay
  • A return to the 1600 scale, with a separate score for the essay section
  • Elimination of point deductions for wrong answers

Click here for the College Board press release or here for Wall Street Journal coverage of the announcement. 

01 February 2014

Princeton Review Releases College Rankings

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Best Value Colleges for 2014 Announced

princetonreview2014Princeton Review has released its list of the nation's best value colleges for 2014. 

150 public and private institutions are covered, with UNC Chapel Hill as the top public school and Williams College as the top private school.


Click here for the press release.

20 December 2013

Colleges Announce Early Admissions Results

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Notre Dame Reports

Early admission results are now rolling in.  Here's the latest as of 5:00pm December 21:

InstitutionDateEarly Applicants (2018)AdmittedAdmit RateSource
Brown 12/12 3,088 583  19% Link
Dartmouth 12/11 1,678 469  28% Link
Duke 12/12 3,180 797  25% Link
Harvard 12/13 4,692 992  21% Link
Johns Hopkins 12/13 1,595 526  33% Link
MIT 12/14 6,820 612  9% Link
Northwestern 12/13 2,794 925  33% Link
Notre Dame 12/20 6,551 1,960  30% Link
Princeton 12/16 3,854 714  19% Link
Stanford 12/13 6,948 748  11% Link
University of Pennsylvania 12/16 1,595 526  25% Link
Williams 12/13 554 237  43% Link
Yale 12/16 4,750 735  15% Link

10 December 2013

Colleges Report Early Admissions Applicants

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Updates from Boston University and Emory

The number of applicants for early admission are now starting to be reported by major colleges and universities. Here's the list as of December 10th:

Institution Date Early Applicants (2018) Early Applicants (2017) Change Source
Boston University 12/3 1,742 1,496  16.4% Link
Bowdoin 11/22 594 602  (1.3%) Link
Brown 11/20 3,086 3,010  2.5% Link
Columbia 11/21 3,296 3,126  5.4% Link
Dartmouth 11/13 1,678 1,574  6.6% Link
Duke 11/12 3,191 2,540  25.6% Link
Emory 12/4 1,151 959 (est.)  20.0% Link
Georgetown 11/8 6,569 6,565   0.1% Link
Kenyon 11/21 232 198  17.2% Link
Northwestern  11/14 2,794  2,450  14.0% Link
Princeton 11/17 3,831 3,810   0.6% Link
Swarthmore College 11/21 343 318 (est.)  8.0% Link
University of Chicago 11/26 11,143 10,316  8.0% Link
University of Pennsylvania  11/14  5,133  4,815  6.6% Link
University of Virginia 11/4 14,309 13,815  3.6% Link
Williams 11/20 550 618  (11.0)% Link
Yale 11/19 4,768 4,514  5.6% Link

06 December 2013

Student Perspectives on Early Action and Early Decision

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Interesting September 2013 article from The Harvard Crimson Admissions Blog

Thought you'd find this September 2013 entry from the Harvard Crimson Admissions Blog of some use.  In it they interview seven recent applicants and their reasons for taking advantage of early action and decision programs.  Note: only one of the students speaks of Harvard and not all of them end up attending the school they applied to early.

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02 December 2013

Middlebury Admission Insights

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2015Class-600x375From time to time we come across articles that help to take some of the mystery out of the college admissions process.  

Here's an interesting article written by Claire Abbadi of The Middlebury Campus about the Middlebury College admissions process (link), as well as some clarifying comments from Middlebury's Alumni Admissions Program (link). 

31 October 2013

Colleges Extend Deadlines for Early Admission

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Applicants buy more time navigate Common Application problems

calendarSeveral colleges and universities have extended their deadlines for early action and early decision due to continuing challenges with the new Common App website.  Most have shifted their deadlines out a week, some just a few days, and others have opted to leave their deadlines unchanged but offer new online submission options instead. 

Continue reading to see our growing list of schools with extended deadlines.  Let us know if you have others to add to the list.

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