19 May 2016

Class of 2020 Waitlist Admission Rates and Notification Dates

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waitlistpie1516bFor those of you that have been waitlisted at one of your top choices, here's a list of 2015-16 waitlist statistics for several popular private and public schools, along with notification dates and latest status where available.  

Our sample of waitlist statistics from 160 private and public institutions paints the following picture:

  • On average, 17 percent of students accepting a place on a waitlist were admitted
  • 58 percent of the schools admitted 10 percent or less of the students accepting a place on the wait list last year
  • 41 percent of the schools admitted 5 percent or less
  • 12 percent admitted no one

There are several factors driving the low rates, including the size of the waitlist (often very large), and how well a school anticipates its admissions yield. 

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Waitlist Admission Rates and Notification Dates (2015-16)

College Kickstart LLC

InstitutionWaitlist OfferedWaitlist AcceptedWaitlist AdmittedAdmit RateNotification Date Status
American 2,77826983%by 5/15Complete as of 5/5
Barnard1,19513065%beginning 5/15
Bates1,535671112%by 8/1 (typically early May - late June)
Boston College7,0723,8973519%by 7/1Emails sent 5/20, 5/13
Boston University4,3812,21440%Closed as of 5/13 (none offered)
Bowdoinby 7/31
Brown192by early JuneSmall number of spaces available, offered through early June
Bryn Mawr87242700%
Carnegie Mellon5,5262,83540%by 6/1
Claremont McKenna9194537517%
Colgate1,896913495%by 8/1
College of William & Mary3,5521,67618711%status mid-June, decision by 8/1First round of calls made, will likely continue to contact applicants on rolling basis through early-to-mid June
Colorado College1,1192322410%most by mid-May, some as late as June
Columbiaby 6/30
Cornell3,5832,231814%after 5/1
Dartmouth1,85296312913%mid-May to 7/1
Emory3,8091,910452%by 6/1
Franklin and Marshall1,3854117618%end of April to end of May
George Washington3,8271,354625%
Georgetown2,1881,30114111%by 5/15
Georgia Tech3,3972,031382%by 6/1
Harvard40-50 estimated
Harvey Mudd534354113%
Johns Hopkins2,7521,74718711%
Kenyon2,876998172%early May to mid-July
Lewis & Clark77522110%late April to mid-May
Middlebury1,304530336%early May to mid-June
MIT652575529%by mid-MayComplete as of 5/11 (26 admitted)
NYUActive but filled at several programsActive as of 5/16 (110 admitted to date). Filled at CAS, CPLS, GLSP, Gallatin, Nursing, Social Work, Stern, Tandon and Abu Dhabi
Pitzer1,021895233%by 7/15
Pomona842492388%early to mid-May
Rice2,2371,6591278%by 7/1
Scripps64128400%beginning mid-May
Stanford1,25692700%update mid-May, finalized by 7/1
Tuftsby early June
Tulane3,41392100%by 6/1Complete (none offered)
UC Berkeley3,7602,4451,34055%
UC Davis9,0332,7332,03074%by 6/1
UC Irvine7,3614,0351313%
UC Riverside6,2313,7372,77074%
UCSD2 waves complete (5/6, 5/11)
UCSB5,0062,91027810%by 6/30
UChicagoearly summer
University of Georgia92158414425%most between 5/15 and 6/15Complete as of 5/11 (~100 admitted, 95% for Spring)
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign3,0081,8751,01554%by early June
UMass Amherst5,4501,278262%beginning mid-May
University of Michigan14,9604,512902%mid-June
UNC - Chapel Hill3,1441,513785%by 6/30First wave offered 5/6 (55 admitted)
University of Notre Dame1,60286900%mid-May to late June
University of Pennsylvania2,4741,438906%
University of Richmond4,0701,54715110%5/1 - 6/30
University of Virginia4,5472,08140219%5/7 - 6/30Active as of 5/3
Vanderbilt188After 5/1Active as of 5/16
Vassar1,017485102%early May to 7/1
Virginia Tech2,1181,54400%by 7/1
Wellesley1,404843304%3rd week in May to 6/30
Wesleyan1,877884121%by 6/30
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